How to volunteer to do a sound or VL

So you want to sign up to volunteer and help out? Great! In this guide, we’ll show you how to find the correct schedule and get your name next to the correct show so that other users can see that you’ll be doing that you’ll be posting that particular sound or viggle live trivia answers.

Finding today’s schedule

Signing up to volunteer

Now that you’re at today’s schedule, you can signup to do a sound () or answers for trivia () by clicking/tapping on the empty under a show.

That’s it! The should now turn into a with your username next to it to show that you’ve signed up to do a sound or trivia.


Q: How do I remove my name if I will not be able to volunteer?
A: You can click or tap the next to your name to remove yourself from the schedule and let someone else sign up for that show.

Q: Why doesn’t anything happen when I click or tap an empty ?
A: Make sure that you are logged into the site and that you are on today’s schedule with a light-green background.

Q: Why can’t I find a for a show that is on the carousel?
A: Sometimes viggle adds shows to the carousel later in the day that we did not catch. Please let us know by replying to that schedule.