How to create custom IFTTT alerts for ViggleRumors

###How to Feed IFTTT from ViggleRumors
Almost all parts of ViggleRumors including topics, Categories, and Tags can generate an RSS Feed by simply adding the .rss file extension to the URL.

So let’s say that you wanted to create an IF event every time there’s a show with a 5X check-in bonus.
First, we’d go to the #shows category and select the #5x tag to filter only the 5x shows which should give us this URL:

Now that we have the URL for all the 5x Bonus Shows, all we have to do is add the .rss filename extension to the url to get the RSS Feed like this:

###Creating a Recipe
Once you have the RSS Feed that you want, all you have to do on IFTTT is Create a new Recipe, select the Feed Channel, and the rest is up to you!

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